Live - Peter Bjorn & John @ Webster Hall | NYC

This week was "Peter Bjorn and John Week" over at Webster Hall in New York City. It was actually just two days, but I tend to exaggerate. I got a chance to check out the May 1st (sold out) show of the Swedish trio, as well as opening acts Au Revoir Simone and Fujiya Miyagi (who completely rocked, I must say).

PB&J have been pretty 'on-the-radar' since their hit "Writer's Block" hit the charts, and the guys have been playing packed shows since their debut in January. The group went on pretty late, which disappointed a few, but as soon as Peter began whistling about five songs in, people didn't seem to mind. Hardly any backtracks this time; the dude can whistle. Appearing with the trio for their hit single was Heather D'Angelo of Au Revoir Simone, instead of Victoria Bergsman, and Dirty on Purpose drummer Doug Marvin flexed some bongo muscle on-stage.

Peter gets pretty intense on stage and Bjorn is one nutty character. My favorite Bjorn line from the night: "Hello Everyone! This is also a song!" That is actually tied with Peter's admission that their "Three-o's" helped them plan the tour. You can tell these guys love what they're doing, and the fans go nuts for their obvious favorites.

They played a solid show, but I do have to say that Fujiya & Miyagi held a special place in my heart. Not for nothing, but David Best really knows how to successfully gyrate on stage in his track jacket and get away with it.

Peter Bjorn & John
Fujiya & Miyagi

Live - Peter Bjorn & John @ Webster Hall | NYC