Live - Travis @ The Fillmore | SF

The Top 14 Fran Healy Quotes From May 2nd's Travis Show:

01. In between sets and standing awkwardly in the middle of the stage: "I feel like a stand-up comic without any jokes."

02. On flubbing lines during new song "Our Home": "I'm so sorry! It's new! It makes it okay!"

03. With introducing his Swedish keyboard player Claus to the audience: "Claus, San Francisco. Claus, The Fillmore. It's the fucking Fillmore, eh?"

04. On the perks of being an international band: "A friend of mine heard this song in the grocery store in Brooklyn, New York. Not too bad, eh?"

05. In regards to the camera policy in venues, citing that the Fillmore probably wasn't going to like what he was going to suggest next: "(imitating bands who shun photos) 'Oh, don't use flash, you'll flash our makeup off!' You know what? You can use flash on [this] band!"

06. Trying to practice the harmonica for "Colder": "[Just] so you know I can do it without any music - it sounds like I'm farting through it."

07. To guitarist Andrew Dunlop after he had already climbed atop a very high amp and touched the chandelier hanging above him: "I thought you were going to swing!"

08. On life contemplations: "Ain't there sometimes you feel like a real putz?"

09. In response to the disco ball kicking in right before the encore: "This is what I imagine heaven to be like!"

10. During the infamous hushing during "Flowers In The Window," which ended up being the encore and acoustic with no assistance: "Sorry if you couldn't hear that. I might have to get a giant guitar or something?"

11. In regards to forgetting to plug in said acoustic guitar for "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?": "Oh, shit"

12. On coming back from playing this year's Coachella: "We were melting on stage. We're from Scotland, it's near Antarctica."

13. On finishing the night out: "This is our finale song. I'm going to get down and funky on the cello."

14. For bringing a new movement to America: "It's a rejuvenating thing. It's called the pogo. I want everyone to do it. (looks at bar) You pouring that drink over there - stop what you're doing!"

I haven't been this entertained - and thoroughly satisfied - at a show in a long time. You were all are grinning so ridiculously hard throughout the show, I thought your faces were going to fall off. And it was so refreshing to see a band truly enjoy themselves on stage: making faces at each other, dancing and shaking hips, and relishing in the fact that they were living out their passion on stage. Scot rock was never so sexy. Thank you, Travis.

By Jenn Hernandez


Live - Travis @ The Fillmore | SF