Vegans Are Not Murderers: Don't Eat The Bloody Propaganda

In stranger than normal news, a moronic pair of Vegan parents in Atlanta have apparently murdered their infant child by starving him, er, giving him only Vegan foods. A Vegan diet consists of animal free products (no meat, egg, dairy). Jade Sanders (27) and Lamont Thomas (31), will be given an automatic, repeat, automatic, life sentence for the ruthless murder, demonic starvation, hedonistic massacre of their 6-week-old infant, Crown. The little baby only weighted 3 1/2 pounds when he died, but there is no report of how much the child weighed at the date of birth. A Fulton County prosecutor by the name of Mike Carlson got his mug in the papers when he blabbed this idiotic statement: "They're not Vegans, they're baby killers.

Sorry to disagree with the soon to never be remember prosecutor, but they ARE Vegans, which apparently is a crime punishable for up to life in prison down in burger loving Hotlanta. And baby killerS, plural? Did they really go on a murderous spree, cheerfully killing lil kiddos by feeding them intravenous shots of soy or drowning their tiny human orifices in sugar sweet apple juice? The couple, which decided to forgo the traditional sharing of the same last name, are 27 and 31 respectively, and didn't know that their Crown was in danger until moments before he died, according to the words that I read on the wire.
"We're vegetarians, we are against animal cruelty, so why would I be cruel to my son? Why would I do something with his body? We are against animals being murdered, why would we be cruel to him and try to do something to his body," asked Lamont Thomas.

Vegan or goddamn Cannibal, these two knucklefucks didn't worry for a split second that their almost intangible 3 1/2 lb. baby looked like a squeezed out slab of Spam in their newlywed hands? That miniscule person, absent of meat or muscle, didn't scare them into phoning the authorities? The jury only needed five hours to deliberate. Five.

This pair of bone-brains were found guilty of malice murder, felony murder and first-degree cruelty to children. And the only "meat" of this story is that they are Vegans. One would have to wonder just who those jury members were. Wendy's square burger flippers, McDonalds's Big Mac sellers, Burger King Chicken Fry guys, who the hell knows. But this story reeks like rancid beef, and like most rare slabs of flesh, it makes me want to puke. Now the entire mass media is reporting on the slant that the Vegan diet is a handbook for genocide.
Personally, I have maintained a Vegan diet since 1995 and can't remember killing any of the hundreds of children that I have seeded across this country. Sure, I can't remember the names or faces of any of the mothers, but I know for a fact that I never purposefully killed any of my children on account of Veganism. I seriously have over 160 children scattered like discarded papers across these United States, and I promise you people that it never occurred to me to kill them with my bedrock belief.

As I read this article, part of me wished so desperately to play the famous "race" or "religion" card. Oh, just because our choices differ from your heart attack craving swine swallowing mainstream, that means that you have to come down on our radical lifestyle, man! But then, once again, I thought about the size of this poor child Crown and thought, are you kidding me with this weight of 3 1/2 pounds? I mean, that's smaller than a fucking NERF football.

And no one thought to telephone a hospital? Really? This kind of poor parenting and sickeningly vile press gives Veganism a bad name. Especially for those "other white meat" "beef - its what's for dinner" "finger licking good" Americans who refuse to confront the reality of heart disease and obesity. Now it would appear that ALL Vegan parents are bloodthirsty psychos, foaming at the mouth to consummate, wait nine months, and then BAM - start the killing process with a steady diet of grass, granola and tofu.

We Vegans try extremely hard to get our message across to the millions of meat eaters around the world. Meat, or any animal product, in the year 2007, is completely non-essential in the daily diet of a human being. Myself, and thousands like me are a living testament to that statement. Yet, when some strange occurrence like this, uh, occurrences, the media locks their fangs into the healthy necks of all Vegans, desperately attempting to suck our iron deficient blood.

These two stooges will now die for consciously choosing to raising their child in an animal free environment, and to me, that is a shame. It is also a shame to let a baby the size of a Taco Bell supreme burrito out of an emergency room at a state medical facility in this country. But what the hell do I know about medicine other than drugs? Heavens knows HUNDREDS of people on this planet have diet from Salmonella, E Coli, or by unknowingly consuming undercooked or diseased meat.

If you have ever been on the fence about vegetarianism, please, for the love of the Garden burger eating God, do not let this tragic situation spoil your soy-petite.

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Vegans Are Not Murderers: Don't Eat The Bloody Propaganda