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Video: Federation Live (And Lucha Libre Mask-ed)

May 04, 2007

A full year after we talked to the Federation about their latest album It's Whateva (complete with award winning Matt Eich flicks!), the hyphy heroes have finally secured a release date for the LP: 6/26 on Reprise. You can check the full It's Whateva tracklist after the jump - "Stunna Glasses At Night" didn't make the cut (COREY HART QUIT HATING) but at least the disc is coming out. To go along with the good news, the Feds are previewing new single "College Girl" on their MySpace and uploading live clips to YouTube like the one above.

1. Playtime Is Over

2. 18 Dummy (skit)

3. 18 Dummy

4. Get Naked You Beezy

5. College Girl (skit)

6. College Girl

7. Got Me Fucked Up

8. My Rims

9. Scraper 2 A Benz (feat. E-40)

10. Baby Mama

11. We On Your Line (feat. Cashis)

12. Move It Move It

13. She Go (feat. Marty James)

14. I Met Yew

15. Black Roses

16. Ridin The Kite (skit)

17. Fly Away (feat. Walter Hawkins Choir)

18. Whitee (main)

19. When I Was Your Man (skit)

20. When I Was Your Man

21. Bang Bang

Posted: May 04, 2007
Video: Federation Live (And Lucha Libre Mask-ed)