Underhanded Romance

Scissors For Lefty create guilt-free, fun and interesting indie pop. When you look at their median age, it's easy to see that they were influenced by the shiny guitar pop coming from the UK in the mid-90s, and at the same time also by the post-punk revival that started at the turn of this century. What makes Scissors For Lefty so intriguing, besides their music, is their relationship. The band is comprised of several brothers and friends who obviously love every minute of what they are doing.

First reaching success over in the UK, their debut Underhanded Romance is finally getting a proper release on our shores this June. The album opens with the punchy-yet-dancey "Nickels & Dimes," a song that seems to end quicker than it started; that is until you realize that almost five minutes just passed. It's that lost-in-the-moment feeling that makes Scissors For Lefty shine, as the old saying goes, time passes when you are having fun. That same issue is apparent in my favorite track, "Ghetto Ways," a haunting song chock full of keys, dirty guitar and Bryan Garza's deep thrusting vocals. "Next To Argyle" is equally as catchy and quirky as is "Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home." It is reminiscent of the same quality that Metric possesses (or Bloc Party on their debut album, one which went off course during their sophomore release).

While their true talent remains in the upbeat anthems, they do have a softer side and create their own version of ballads as heard in "X's Are Forever" and "Bring Us A Brick." On "Marsha," their influence switches from modern-day into that of the '60s mod groups such as The Kinks.

It's easy to see why these guys have garnered so much praise on the other side of the world, let's just hope they do the same over here as well. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, my bet is that they will.

"Ghetto Ways"

"Ghetto Ways Remix"

Scissors For Lefty

Underhanded Romance