Chemical Brothers To "Do It Again"

Although the dance music revolution of the '90s ran out of steam many years ago, a few of the core artists from that movement are still making solid records. This holds true for the electro duo The Chemical Brothers, who have completed work on their sixth full-length album, We Are The Night. The record will be released on our shores on June 19.

The follow-up to their '05 album Push The Button includes some collaborations that we're anxious to check out. Guest vocalists include Ali Love, Fatlip, Willy Mason, Midlake and The Klaxons. A news posting on Astralwerks' website hints at a September US tour, so once the dates are confirmed we'll let you all know.

In the meantime, listen to a sample of the first single, "Do It Again," and check out the tracklisting below.

We Are The Night
01. "No Path To Follow"
02. "We Are The Night"
03. "All Rights Reversed" (featuring The Klaxons)
04. "Saturate"
05. "Do It Again" (featuring Ali Love)
06. "Das Spiegel"
07. "The Salmon Dance" (featuring Fatlip)
08. "Burst Generator"
09. "A Modern Midnight Conversation"
10. "Battle Scares" (featuring Willy Mason)
11. "Harpoons"
12. "The Pills Won't Help You Now" (featuring Midlake)

Chemical Brothers (w/ audio clip of "Do It Again")

Chemical Brothers To "Do It Again"