Live - Explosions In The Sky @ Neumos | Seattle WA

Explosions In The Sky played the second of two mind-bending sold out shows Monday night at Neumos in Seattle America, before an audience of underage youths and cocaine nosed hipsters. The reserved quartet from Austin Texas delivered what seemed like one extensive and empyreal song, flawlessly crafted with the similar precision of jazz musicians.

The brave reality of vocals not being welcome on any of the lone-star composer's albums should not "jam" them into some foul category along with acid eaters Phish / The Dead or cosmonauts AIR / Black Moth Super Rainbow. Like other Texas bands, The Polyphonic Spree and American Analog Set, Explosions have a terrific tendency for writing songs that specifically breathe for an extended period as if purposely stuck on virtual repeat. I'm positive that all necks with be sore tomorrow. I personally feel strong damage in the spine and vertebrae from all of the head shaking and body swaying that I did as I mindlessly swooned in a spaceless trance. One cannot dance to this, but like all growers not showers, this band is big.

The endless set kept the audience captivated as the boys skillfully maneuvered their instruments, teasing the crowd with erogenous hints of sound, which continuously ramped up to an exciting boom that vanished as quickly as it momentarily destroyed. I closed my eyes and imagined a high speed reel of film which depicted a lone caterpillar going into a cocoon and then immersing as a vivacious butterfly, along with other fast paced nature videos that spaned moments of speedless time.

At various points the guitarists knelt to the ground, one by one, which appeared to signal the new transition into the next number, but hell, if I were grading their song-by-song performance, the whole routine would receive an A+ since I couldn't understand when they were or weren't playing their chords, uh, accordingly. Everything flowed like the train of a Queen's wedding gown. Very long, very gorgeous, and very very regal.

Although they have released a bundle of recorded instrumentals, most people know Explosions (even if they don't realize it) from their masterpiece musical score of the movie Friday Night Lights. Belated thanks to that movie's music supervisor, former Redd Kross cool Brian Reitzell, for introducing these aces from Austin to the world. Note to NBC - you better not 86 the television show from your unhealthy menu and substitute it with another boring bowl of game show shit soup. Just like in the game of football, the Explosions burst like a determined offense from goal to goal, and while the face of it may appear tedious, you never fail to realize that the soul could blast at any unsuspecting moment. Then, without warning, just like Devin Hester in the Super Bowl, a baneful spark ignites this lingering wick, causing it to spit and sizzle with a flame that will potentially lead to the detonation of your entire night.

Since my credentials snatched a ticket from the starving mouth of some bitter EITS fan, I reciprocated love to the band by scoring a little something something of my own - a fresh new t-shirt. Ladies please don't rip it off me tomorrow at school. I want everyone to know how spectacular Explosions In The Sky are and how important their subdued vitality is to the future of modern music.

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Live - Explosions In The Sky @ Neumos | Seattle WA