Clap Your Hands Say ACTION!

Brooklyn's indie rock dudes Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have found themselves on the set up the upcoming film, The Great Buck Howard. It seems that the fellas not only wrote some new songs for the movie, but will actually be playing themselves on screen as well. The shoot is going on Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles, where they'll find themselves with actors John Malkovich, Colin Hanks, Emily Blunt and even Forrest Gump himself Tom Hanks. Now, we're not sure if the band will ACTUALLY be seen in the same scene as these actors, but they will be in the film nonetheless.

The Great Buck Howard was written and is being directed by Sean McGinly. The IMDB plot outline has a retired illusionist (Malkovich) working with a new assistant (Colin Hanks), whose father (Tom Hanks) is less than pleased with his career choice. Hmmmm.

We've been promised photos from the shoot, which we will post once we get 'em. Indie rock on the big screen... bring it!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say ACTION!