The Thief & The Heartbreaker

Alberta Cross ain't no dude, it's a three piece of country blues influenced Brits lead by Petter Ericson Stakee, a baying bloke who spent a great deal of his youth confronting culture clashes between Sweden and London, whose unkempt blond hair and six shooter getup, cause him to strangely resemble a David Spade impersonation of Tom Petty.

The Thief & The Heartbreaker is deeply rooted in the purple mountain majesty of American folk, as it charmingly warms hearts into submission. Granted, they are biscuit dunking tea mongers, but they effortlessly capture the rich tradition of U.S. cowboys My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, and Red House Painters, with a wagon full of acoustic guitars, strings, and vocals that could squeeze a tear out of a cherub.

The title track begins with a Buffalo Springfield-esque guitar intro that gives way to a smashing of strings, acoustic electric whatever the fuck, for a crunching compound of twangy rock and toasty roll. "Lucy Rider" is a snazzy standout track that cools like the iceberg swagger of a stranger in a saloon, as "Hard Breaks" stands as a perfect reason to take the pick up truck for a ride along a sooty trail to the lake for a splash. The album's closing gospel, "The Devil's All You Ever Had," is a potent Sunday sermon so mighty that Jesus himself would even say "Amen." A no brainer to open for Dave Matthews or a show out at the Bonaroo Festival, Alberta Cross is a forceful shot that burns so fine all the way down.

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