Video - Glasvegas "Daddy's Gone"

In January we introduced you to a little band from Glasgow called Glasvegas. If you haven't downloaded the track we put up back then, click here to read a little more about the group and grab the demo MP3 of "I'm Gonna Get Stabbed."

If you did check it out back then and liked what you heard, then watch the new video below for a different track. It's for "Daddy's Gone," not to be confused with Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone," and it's the debut video for the band. Shot in London, it features the foursome playing, hanging out with locals at a watering hole and a domino tournament with some old folks. Oh yeah, this definitely shows a different side to the band than the one we first saw, but it's just as good.

"Daddy's Gone"



Video - Glasvegas "Daddy's Gone"