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Video: David Banner Sure Is An Animated Guy

That Crook'd Sip, a new series on Adult Swim starring David Banner, premiers this Saturday night (Sunday morning - May 13th) at 12:15 in the AM on Cartoon Network. The series chronicles the misadventures of Banner's character Virgil, a club owner in Mississippi, and his interactions with the Beauregards, a white family trapped in the 1800s but actually living in 2007. The animation style looks like a fun tribute to Jay Ward's Bullwinkle-era sketches, and did we mention this is DAVID BANNER'S CARTOON SHOW?!?!? Now all we need is for Adult Swim to air that unreleased Beanie Sigel toon and all will be right in the world. Nick Weidenfeld, we see you! Make it happen, bro!

Video: David Banner Sure Is An Animated Guy