Download - Immaculate Machine "Dear Confessor"

Canada's Immaculate Machine are planning to release their third album, Fables June 12 via Mint Records. We aren't namedroppers, however the band features Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers, string arrangements by Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire) and backup vocals on the single "Jarhand" were by Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand). Sounds almost like an indie rock dream come true, n'est pas?

Download "Dear Confessor" off their new record below.

"Dear Confessor" MP3


01. "Jarhand"
02. "Dear Confessor"
03. "Roman Statues"
04. "Old Flame"
05. "Small Talk"
06. "Nothing Ever Happens"
07. "Northeastern Wind"
08. "C'mon Sea Legs"
09. "Pocket"
10. "Blinding Light"

Immaculate Machine

Download - Immaculate Machine "Dear Confessor"