Blink of a Nihilist

In the vain of Aqueduct, Panda Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Bright Eyes, and WHAM! (we all know Andrew Ridgeley was the only one that mattered in that group), comes Philadelphia based BC Camplight. It sounds like a band's name, but it's really the just one dude; Mr. Brian Christinzio. His latest UK release, Blink of a Nihilist, the follow up to Hide, Run Away (One Little Indian - US), takes you through a journey of quirky, optimistic indie pop.

Kudos to Christinzio for putting together a charming mix of arrangements. "Forget About Your Bones" is a gentle piano number about togetherness. His voice is pretty high in this one. It gets up there often, Wayne Coyne style. There ain't nothing wrong with that. The instrumental "Werewolf Waltz" sounds like the opening credits to whimsical Tim Burton movie, with its orchestral subtlety and slight sound effects. There's also a little Kings of Convenience and "Girl from Ipanema" peeking out in "Soy Tonto!," with some strings and horns thrown in...and was that a glockenspiel? Every other verse matches, going from gentle and sleepy to upbeat and lighthearted. It's also one of those songs that you think is ending, but it doesn't. It does that to you about three times. Although, be glad it's not over's the best track.

Listening to this album makes me feel like I'm sitting in an ambrosia field with unicorns under a rainbow, but with a few mountain lions lurking around to give the magical field some edge. BC Camplight is great for those that enjoy piano driven pop, ala Ben Folds influenced by Mercury Rev and The Beach Boys. Everything on this album fits together and sounds very full, there's nothing weird about it. At the end of his song "Lord, I've Been on Fire," Christinzio chuckles and says "Riii-DICulous"...that about sums it up.

BC Camplight is as American as it gets, but his popularity is mainly in the UK where he's finishing a European tour now. I'm assuming our Philly peers have been enjoying him for years. What, you guys don't like sharing?

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Blink of a Nihilist