Hacienda Club Lives For One Night Only

Anyone that is a fan of music (well, good music that is) knows of the infamous Hacienda nightclub in Manchester. For fifteen years the club, which was founded by Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton, was the home to rave culture and the Manchester music scene. While many of us were too young to head over to enjoy it in its heyday, if you live in the UK you still have a chance...sorta.

For the 25th anniversary of the club's opening night former patrons and historians from the Museum of Science and Industry are staging a one-night only revival. While the original location has since been demolished for luxury flats, the Manchester Evening News reports that people should go to the Dry Bar on Oldham Street tonight for a memorabilia viewing and reminiscing event. Everyone will then be invited for a film night for Ghosts of the Hacienda at One Central Street. Clubbers accounts will be recorded for the museum's archive collection, which includes the original architect's plans and flyers from the years past.

A museum representative, Jan Hargreaves, told Manchester Evening News: "The Hacienda is an important part of Manchester's identity and a focal point for the `Madchester' scene. We have a number of items from the club but we wanted to capture some of the essence about why it was such a success. The best way is to speak to people who were part of it and add their voices to our collections."

While it's not exactly a whole revival, it is a pretty interesting way to remember it, even if it doesn't involve us getting our dance on.

Hacienda Club Lives For One Night Only