Portishead Have Exciting Annoucement For Fans

To the fans of Portishead, the release date of the group's third album is beginning to sound a lot like Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy. That is until Geoff posted a message on Portishead's MySpace page:

"Things are good the tracks are coming together at last. We have also started to look at the website portishead.co.uk. We have opened a new mailing list and we intend to use it to give people information upfront of press and offer people a head start to get tickets for gigs and other stuff. We realise that we have been away for a long time and we appreciate anyone who has stayed with us through this time. As for future plans, check here or portishead.co.uk for an announcement next week."

The note was posted on Friday, so you bet your sweet ass we are checking back several times this week to see what this announcement is all about. Could it finally be a release date? For the love of all things good we sure hope so.


Portishead Have Exciting Annoucement For Fans