The Shapes We Make

After releasing an album with the D.C. math rockfit Autoclave in 1991, Mary Timony left her hometown for beantown, and grabbed a certified document from Boston University stating that she had been trained by the best chowderbrains in Massachusetts. She then became the prime generator for one of the lightest highs indie rock blew out in the mid-90s, Helium. After The Magic City was released in 97, Timony bounced around to this band and that before releasing a string of solo efforts under her own name, which has now tagged a number of label guest books including Matador, Lookout!, Discord, and now Kill Rock Stars with The Shapes We Make, her first release as Mary Timony Band.

Rejoined by Ex Hex drummer in partnership Devin Ocampo, The Shapes We Make is a lucid spin through a fantastic kaleidoscope of ambitious architecture, divinely constructed with a termagant pacification that made Frank Lloyd Wright so enigmatic and admired.

With death comes life and vice versa, so it goes. Well how convenient for Kill Rock Stars that as soon as their best babies Sleater-Kinney retire from the line of tinnitus fire, here comes the Mary Timony Band to the Olympia Washington imprint's rescue. Timony might have got a little Sleater on her sweater when Corin sneezed a little Tucker here. "Killed By The Telephone" could be a B-side from Dig Me Out or even One Beat. "Sharpshooter" rings a horny sting in the ear drums like Exile In Guyville, back when nobody cared a bit about the tit shot on the Liz Phair cover.

"Pause/Off" is a expanding monster of math rock, breathing like a germinal beast of sound, and coughing up a syrupy jam that Colin Meloy and his Decemberists would delightfully step their unconventional shoes into. "Each Day" cracks knuckles on arthritis hands as fingers play keys on this downer of a diddy that confirms the rumor I started wherein Timony scores the next P.T. Anderson picture. "Curious Minds" is another bugout as the musicians lock themselves into a studio of endless resonation, as the voyage steers through a starless night on a ship made of avant garde ambition.

Produced by J. Robbins (former Jawbox, Burning Airlines, and current bassist for something with Vic Bondi called Report Suspicious Activity), Shapes is the glorious result of a nonlinear hotrod trucking over a lightly constructed stop sign planted in the middle of the thought tracks. The gladdening cluster of instruments opened a tremendous door for Timony and the adept principals in the Mary Timony Band to blast apart. Even the mathematically challenged will be able to check the score.

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The Shapes We Make