Who The Hell Is The Mooch?

"I'm just a regular guy from the greatest city in the world - Brooklyn," claims the dude who goes by The Mooch. You might be asking yourself, why is The Tripwire even asking who this Mooch guy even is? Should we care about some guy who has MySpace and YouTube profiles, where he declares that he loves hot mamas, doo wop music, hot rods and Brooklyn?

Some of you may have already seen the trilogy of videos from the aforementioned Mooch, where he went on a trip to Paris in an attempt to confront the UK band Arctic Monkeys. In these clips, Ledo "The Mooch" Muchowski goes on a quest to convince the band to bring him on as the opening act.

Besides the three that have been floating around for the past few weeks, his MySpace profile also has a few amusing bits of him DJing in Paris, dancing in front of very confused French citizens, doing an incredibly poor job at hitting on "Paris honeys," and begging people to sign his petition. Below is his example of exactly how to not pick up women.

If you missed the whole Arctic Monkeys series, here is part one, part two and part three. Is he a real nutters doo wop fanatic or just an actor who got a sweet trip to France? You be the judge. We think you probably know the answer to this one.

Paris Honeys Love The Mooch

Who The Hell Is The Mooch?