Tromatic Reflexxions

Von Südenfed is not some fantastic new nasal decongestant from Germany. It's the two computerized cuties from Mouse On Mars (Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner) armed with the coarse roar from the former mouth of The Fall, Mark E. Smith. MOM have collaborated with Stereolab and the kooks from Kraftwerk, while Smith's grainy bawl has been captured on the wax of Inspiral Carpets, Elastica, Long Fin Killie, Coldcut, and other eclectic joints. Tromatic Reflexxions is an astounding chamber of atomic bedlam. Smith's growl completely fascinates like Julian Casablancas or Pete Doherty, locking your face in a place of erotic danger, while tragically resembling a 4 a.m. drunk giving a cabbie atrociously disoriented directions.

"Fledermaus Can't Get It" is a stupefying sock in the sack, reassuring core fans of The Fall that Smith still has multiple screws loose. As his squalid screaming continues, we earthlings realize how tragic it would be to fix him up and make those words audible for all. The muddled screeching peaks over a mountain of electro scratches and whips for a satisfying bacchanal of German bondage.

"Flooded" somehow gives that wild mouth Mark E. Smith permission to launch into a stream of lucid hostility over a back beat similar to Mr. Oizo's "Flat Eric." As the pulse booms, Smith becomes the evening's braggart, explaining in a superior dialect, "I'm the DJ tonight, I'm the disc jockey tonight, I flooded the club."

"Serious Brainskin" is like an Aphex Twin wet dream as all of them beeps and whoops are happening and my brain starts melting on account of all them drugs my parents told me not to take and why won't someone stop the insanity from striking me dead!!!

"Jback Lois Lane" is a strange recording of lawnmowers and insignificant conversation, like something heard on Underworld's "King Of Snake." "Dear Dead Friends" smothers the album's flames for a cool country serenade send off which climaxes in a noisy fizzle, as if the aliens that helped make this record, were going home to their alien families for a nice home-cooked alien meal.

Tromatic Reflexxions is a perplex soundtrack of stunning noise. Mark E. Smith is a true frontman, as captivating and nerve wracking as a back alley stick up slick. And those Mars mieces (I hate to pieces) gave the whooping whiz some extremely delicious beats to shred over.

Von Südenfed isn't for everyone. You should consult a physician before taking Von Südenfed. Don't take Von Südenfed if you plan on operating heavy machinery. There are dozens of exhilarating side affects from taking Von Südenfed. Be sure to ask your local record shop doctor how your sick mouth can suck the certifiable sounds of Von Südenfed.

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Tromatic Reflexxions