Mystery Jets Postpone Tour

The one thing that can make or break a foreign band's career in the States is immigration. Sadly, Mystery Jets fell victim to VISA issues and had to push back their North American tour that was supposed to start May 28.

The band commented on their webpage, "We are extremely sad and sorry to announce that our American Tour has been cancelled. We were really looking forward to playing to new faces in new places, and unfortunately its gone tits up.I think somewhere along the way we didn't manage to secure our visas with US immigration, its really annoying but i hear that it happens to alot of bands who want to go out and tour there. Fingers crossed and we'll make it to North America for August or September time, lots of love to everyone who planned on coming to those gigs, we'll buy you all a round of drinks when we finally make it out to the states."

Canceled Dates

05.28.07 - Toronto, ON
05.29.07 - Toronto, ON
05.31.07 - Boston, MA
06.01.07 - New York, NY
06.02.07 - New York, NY
06.05.07 - Chicago, IL
06.08.07 - Seattle, WA
06.09.07 - Portland, OR
06.11.07 - San Francisco, CA
06.12.07 - Los Angeles, CA
06.13.07 - Los Angeles, CA
06.14.07 - Los Angeles, CA

Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets Postpone Tour