Tim Fite Invites You To His Gunshow

Tim Fite is an interesting fellow. This past January we were treated to his latest album, Over The Counter Culture, which he made available online for free. The Brooklyn musician is preparing for a couple of shows, including a performance at the upcoming Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

To get fans ready for Bonnaroo, he has invited them to attend his Gunshow. No, this isn't an event taking place at your local convention center. Rather, it is an eight week long series of videos that will be posted each Wednesday on his official website. To further explain what Gunshow is all about, here is a quick Q&A:

Q: Who is TIM FITE?
A: The New York Times calls Tim Fite "a lo-fi lone wolf from Brooklyn, who lives somewhere between folk and hip-hop, and with his latest album (a harsh indictment of consumerism and the American dream of selling out) has made himself into a cultural gadfly."
Q: What is GUNSHOW!?
A: A temporary exhibition of guns and a series of new videos by TIM FITE that will make you laugh, cry, scream, smile, and think.
Q: Where can I see this man you call TIM FITE?
A: In New York City at the Knitting Factory on June 7th at 8 PM, or at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee on June 16th at 6:20 PM sharp.

Here is episode one of Gunshow:

Tim Fite

Tim Fite Invites You To His Gunshow