Download - A Free EP From Nina Gordon

Nina Gordon, the former singer/songwriter of Veruca Salt, has been going solo since 1998. Her fans will be happy to know that she decided to put up some tracks on her messageboard. While the songs are older to her, they are brand-spankin' new to the rest of the public, and even include two demos for songs that never made it on the lost album, Even The Sunbeams. She also commented on her MySpace page that these should hold us over until true new tunes are available. We smell a new album in the future.

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Songs from Even The Sunbeams:
01: "Going South"
02. "Turn On Your Radio"
03. "Lighter On The Moon"

04. "The Bright Side"
05. "Pure" "
06. "A Different Song (Demo) "
07. "Someday Is Too Far Away (Demo) "

Nina Gordon

Download - A Free EP From Nina Gordon