No Fighting In The War Room

Release Date: 06.11.07

There is something in the water in Sheffield. The South Yorkshire metropolitan borough has been the breeding ground to many of my favorite bands over the years, and by the looks of things, that notion isn't changing anytime soon. One of the newer groups to pop out of the area is the classic punk revival group, Harrisons.

There is a sense of gloom that is sewn throughout their album, No Fighting In The War Room. A premonition of the grim future where the police are corrupt and society is more like Clockwork Orange and 1984 than anything we might be more familiar with today. "Dear Constable" kicks off the album and it is obvious that these kids know their history, as this song sounds like something The Clash would have written. Actually this isn't the only track like that, as the band pays homage to sounds from the 60's and 70's during the Sex Pistols-ish "Man Of The Hour" and The Doors meets Lou Reed tune "Crystal Sweet" as well.

Harrisons have a few more tricks up their sleeves and prove they are so much more than a one trick pony with "Wishing Well." While the verse is snarled out, the angular guitars and chorus are reminiscent of the singsong-ness of old Blur. Additionally on "Little Lost Boy" the guys slow things down and attempt a ballad with punk flair. Then on "Monday's Arms" the disco rock side comes out in full force. This is the jam that the DJs will be spinning without a doubt.

It's nice to hear this type of music being recorded again. Granted, it might have spawned as a result of the success from fellow home-towners Arctic Monkeys. Regardless if that is the case or not, I'll take it.



No Fighting In The War Room