Online Retailer CD WOW Owes 41 Million Pounds

File this one under oops. Back when The Tripwire's core staff writers were back in college and had no funds, the best way to get awesome imported music was from a little site called CD WOW. They didn't charge shipping, and although you had to convert the currency, by the time you did it ended up costing as much as a domestic CD at that time, about $18.00. That was brilliant considering the other alternative was dropping $35 to $40 for an import at a retail store over here.

Like all good things usually end up doing, the time for CD WOW might be ending soon. According to BBC6, the online retailer has been ordered to pay 41 million pounds to the British record companies after breaking a deal to stop selling illegally imported cheap albums in the UK. In March of 2007, CD WOW's owners, Hong Kong's Music Trading Online, were in breach of the agreement made in 2004. Now the company must pay 37 million pound plus interest to the BPI (British Phonographic Industry).

Matt Phillips, a BPI rep, told BBC6, "I think this is huge, I mean if you look over the past ten years, an increasing number of CD sales have moved to online retailers, so if anyone thought this was a legitimate loophole that could be exploited I think they are mistaken."

As of now CD WOW plans on appealing the ruling and continuing to sell cheap imported CDs. Our advice? Get 'em while you can.


Online Retailer CD WOW Owes 41 Million Pounds