The Scenery Of Farewell

Over the last year Two Gallants were a workhorse of a band. The duo played nearly 200 live shows, and still managed to find the time to create some new material. Practiced during sound checks and on the road, some of it can be heard on their new EP, The Scenery Of Farewell. Since Two Gallants are known for their aggressive and electric live shows, it would seem like a perfect match to be paired with producer Alex Newport (At The Drive In), but the interesting thing is that this release is acoustic.

Following the same Americana tip that they have in the past, Two Gallants manage to summon the essence of Bruce Springsteen's heartland rock and bittersweet vibe throughout the recording. Opening with the hazy and drunken "Seems Like Home To Me," country undertones dance with lo-fi indie-rock to create one hell of a song. Fitting that this would be on the same label as another artist that does this so well, Bright Eyes. The quiet "Lady" and the sleepy-eyed "Up The Country" follow suit; creating a soft, intimate backdrop to a hot summer day. Next up is the harmonica-drenched "All Your Faithless Loyalties," an earnest and reflective track. Finally there is the last heart wrenching tune, "Linger On," which ends the release on a solemn note.

While we have to wait until September for the actual full length, which promises to be electric, the five songs they are putting out now provide a nice appetizer and totally leaves us wanting more.

"Seems Like Home To Me" MP3

Two Gallants

The Scenery Of Farewell