Everybody is the first new bucket of beau monde bango in four years from Chicago's The Sea And Cake. This 10-track efflorescence of radiance is such an exemplary effort that even Sherlock Holmes couldn't find a flaw.

After 14-years of drummer John McEntire working the knobs, the winsome quartet from the windy enlisted Brian Paulson to produce, because they felt that working with Wilco and Slint still wasn't enough for the dude. The result is a balletic bouquet of jazzy pop that can make even the ponytail kid wearing the Megadeth shirt secretly swoon over Sam Prekop's placid caress. Their supple body of elegance compares to that of Tortoise, Badly Drawn Boy, or Gomez, as they terrifically maximize the masterdom of the sea while spritzing a substantial amount of icing onto an unblemished cake. Note: the band's namesake came from a Gastr del Sol song "The C In Cake."

With an overflowing ripple of classic pop like The Beach Boys mixed with the modern day soul flames lit by Tahiti 80, TSAC doesn't stamp time restraints on their music. Many of these harmonious pastries can be served cool or warm, depending on the level of arousal one find's his crotch in.

This summer, when you find yourself amongst legions of unfit dummies sweating saltwater under the sun's cancerous rays, while swimming in contaminated lakes, and drinking super-duper gallon gulps of Mountain Dew, do not forget to pack the SPF 40, a towel, and the new essential sounds of summer, from The Sea And Cake.

"Exact To Me"

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The Sea And Cake

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