Silverchair Is Still Around? WTF!?!?

Apparently the Australian group Silverchair is still around. In fact, the trio has been kicking some serious ass around their homeland, having more number one albums than fellow Aussies Midnight Oil and INXS. The last time we even thought about these guys was back during our flannel-wearing days with their teenage Pearl Jam-ish "Tomorrow." To refresh your memory, we'll post the video below.

Oh yeah, now you remember. So now the guys are in their late twenties, selling mad records in the land down under, and are looking to make a comeback here in the States. The band just signed with Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group, who will release their Young Modern album in North America on July 24. If you're the slightest bit curious about how Silverchair sounds these days, hit up their MySpace page for a sample.


Silverchair Is Still Around? WTF!?!?