Lennon's "Imagine" Reworked Into Art

Recently London's PYMCA was host to an awesome exhibition on rave culture. Now, the British gallery will have another work on display having to do with music and art. This time it will pay homage to one of the biggest rock music legends ever.

Yoko Ono and the John Lennon estate gave the green light to have Lennon's song "Imagine" reworked into an art piece. The print consists of a black canvas embossed with the imprint of the lyrics from "Imagine." It will be joining previous creations inspired by other acts including Primal Scream, Motorhead and Monty Python.

Speaking to XFM, Airside, the infamous artists who created the artwork for Lemon Jelly, commented on the project, "It's sentiment is pure and to pollute the print with any sort of ink would somehow be wrong. Lennon is held up as quite a reverent figure so we wanted to reflect that. We had the idea to purely de-boss the print so that you get the lyrical context from the light falling onto the print."

100 prints will be made for purchase in three different colors, grey, blue and white. If you want to have one of these bad boys be ready to dish out 150 pounds. Each copy will be numbered and signed.

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Lennon's "Imagine" Reworked Into Art