The UK band Stateless has given a lot of credit to DJ Shadow, who has spread the word about them across the lands. Lead singer Chris James has been featured on several of DJ Shadow's tracks, and they've supported Shadow on tour in the past. The band has also gotten help from producer Jim Abbiss, whose roster includes Arctic Monkeys, Goldfrapp, Suede and Placebo.

The one word to describe this album self-titled album is "SEXY". The music on this record is generally down tempo, ambient and emotional. James sings with feeling and depth reminiscent of Thom Yorke. Accompanying him is the wonderful combination of drums, electronic beats and cinematic noises.

Stateless is both uplifting and depressing. Tunes like "Prism" and "Bloodstream" consist of an eerie Chris Martin passion, laid over romantic piano loops, crackles and glitches. He croons, "I can feel you floating in me..." which captures the mood of these songs perfectly. It's the kind of music that you put on to drift away into the ether.

Of the whole album, their single "Exit" is by far the hottest. I'm not making some meaningless, hotel heiress type "that's hot" comment. This song seriously makes me want to make out with the first person that walks by. Melodic strings, heavy beats, and the record scratches of their turntablist, Kidkanevil, accompany the sultry, distorted vocals. So hot.

One song that stands out the most is the orchestral, D&B influenced "This Language," where you get James's vocal swagger intermixed with Solesides member Lateef the Truthspeaker spittin' some lyrics. It's actually a bit too Linkin Park for my taste, but I guess this is their way of mixing it up, throwing in the Hip Hop appeal. I didn't say that it stood out in a good way.

Stateless would appeal to fans of Portishead, Air, Thievery Corp, and vocally speaking, Jeff Buckley. They are a very "Let's put this on and lay down" type band. Oh, you know what I'm talking about.

"Running Out" MP3