Fluorescent Grey

I've been dying to express my sincere interest in the band Deerhunter for some time. The new 4-song EP, Fluorescent Grey, was released on Kranky April 16, but these champions are far superior to the frazzled anarchy encoded on Cryptograms, released in January of the same year.

"Fluorescent Grey" is two minutes of anticipation shattered by a thunderous boom of sprightly vocals on top of a mountain of swollen frizz.

With a wobbly organ spun down to the wrong speed passing under a chummy gang of clapping hands, "Dr. Glass" begins as creepily as Q Lazerus' "Goodbye Horses," as we gladly purchase a ticket for whatever ride the good doctor has sold us on. The blusterous excursion is a snappy boogie up the block, showing off in your Sunday's best, looking for nothing in particular.

As the tape deck turns on a subtle effect of nightlife in a forest that rapidly escalates into a finely cultivated bulb of fervor, for the disc's most golden moment. "Like New" is a two-minute window into the bright light Nikki Sixx and Phil Anselmo both claimed to see, when their unfunctional bodies full of illegal drugs spastically thrashed in a land of overdosed death. That snapshot fizzles away too fast, leaving you to remember only the pulsating memory of such indestructible awe. "Like New" is a bloody valentine that even Kevin Shields would fall dead over. The Stratford Four Pickups or Billy C's B-sides come to mind during the space out session one takes aboard this polished rocket fueled by millions of discarded thoughts.

"I was sixteen," is the repeating chorus on "Wash Off" which is an angst fueled revolution that marches onto any campus USA for a passive gutter-rock-jam protest.

Deerhunter are a very risky band whose unconventional elevator instrumentals mixed with vintage Television turmoil, are a rousing gamble that appears to be paying off big returns for the Atlanta crew. Go back and cop Cryptograms, size up the smash singles "Lake Somerset" & "Heatherwood," then sink face first into the placid spectrum of Fluorescent Grey, to fully visualize Deerhunter's entirely new arrangement of color.




Fluorescent Grey