Johnny Marr Reminds Us That The Smiths Will Never Reunite

Not that we ever expected it to happen, but just the dream that possibly, some day, some how, The Smiths might reform, even just for one performance, just isn't in the cards. OK, so the whole Marr vs. Morrissey thing would have made it difficult, but if The Police can suck it up for a reunion tour, we wondered that if the right situation presented itself, perhaps a reformation of The Smiths wasn't that farfetched. Well, unfortunately, it is.

Gigwise posted a few quotes from guitarist Johnny Marr, where he reconfirmed that The Smiths will never, ever, get back together. He said: The Smiths have been offered quite a bit of money to get back together a couple of times. With those sums of money, I'm not at all rich enough to turn those down, but I wouldn't accept those offers either."

"You don't do it for the money - well, I wouldn't anyway. No amount of money would get me to play with people who don't get along" he added.

So there it is. The closest we'll ever get to a Smiths reunion is if Modest Mouse and Morrissey happen to perform in the same city on the same night.

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr Reminds Us That The Smiths Will Never Reunite