The Rentals Complete New EP

It was nearly one year ago when we announced that The Rentals were back in action. Their mighty return sparked touring and endless rumors of a brand new album. Twelve months later, we still have no album. Finally, after eight years of waiting for new tunes, they are finally on the way. Unfortunately the new full length has yet to be recorded, but an EP has been completed.

The Last Little Life EP will be released on August 14 via Boompa Records, comprised of three new tracks and one newly arranged classic. The new tunes are "Last Romantic Day", "Little Bit Of You In Everything" and "Life Without A Brain." The oldie is "Sweetness And Tenderness," which has been given a nice fresh coat of paint.

If you happen to be obsessed with The Rentals, consider pre-ordering the EP, as the first one hundred copies will be autographed. Wouldn't that look lovely on your mantel? To rock the pre-order, head over to the band's official website.

The Rentals

The Rentals Complete New EP