On The Wing Now

Release Date: 08.21.07

You know that feeling you get when you want to kick yourself for not coming on board to something sooner? Yeah, I just experienced that this week when listening to Foreign Born's debut album, On The Wing Now. I'll be honest; I've heard their name thrown around but never actually gave the band a chance. Not knowing what to expect might have been the best thing ever because the ride that I came off of on first listen was nothing short of spectacular. OK let me backtrack, maybe I was a little spoiled because the first time I listened to this record I was experiencing it through headphones, which is what I suggest doing with them, but damnit if this isn't hella good.

Freshly signed to Dim Mak, On The Wing Now shows talent, balls and the type of gusto that's missing from so many bands today. Describing their sound is a little hard to do; they manage to infuse the best parts of shoegazer and indie rock and put a good shot of late '80s/early '90s Britrock (a la Stone Roses) in the mix for a totally unique sound. You know a record has to be good when the first track is the same name of one of your favorite venues. Such is the case with Foreign Born's "Union Hall," a track full of chanting and soaring vocals, hand claps and haunting sonic textures. "Into Your Dream" sees the band playing with the dirty side of rock with driving, pounding drums and fuzzy guitars. Listening to it, it's hard not to think of Black Angels or Velvet Underground.

Dreamy, psychedelic shoegazing continues with "Don't Take Back Your Time," "The Nights Tall," "Holy Splinter" and "Keep It All Inside." Whereas the acoustic and electric guitar mix shines on the upbeat and more straightforward "Letter Of Inclusion." At its core, it comes down to two words, purely ethereal. Forty-six minutes and I am left wanting to hear more from these guys, and praying that they come here soon on a tour. Top ten of the year? Maybe it's too early to count them just yet, but this is definitely a contender.

"Union Hall"

Foreign Born

On The Wing Now