Richard Hawley Gears Up For New Release

Richard Hawley is one hell of a performer. As a matter of fact, his 2005 album, Coles Corner, still finds itself on repeat occasionally on my iPod. After being nominated for a Mercury Prize, as well as lending a hand on Jarvis Cocker's newest album, Hawley is back in the game again.

The artist is planning on releasing a new album, Lady's Bridge, that should come out August 20 overseas, and rumored to have an October North American street date. It will consist of eleven tracks that were recorded in his hometown, Sheffield's Yello Arch Studio. In September he will be touring the UK, lets hope that he makes it over to our side of the pond again soon.

Lady's Bridge
01. "Valentine"
02. "Roll River Roll"
03. "Serious"
04. "Tonight The Streets Are Ours"
05. "Lady Solitude"
06. "Dark Road"
07. "The Sea Calls"
08. "Lady's Bridge"
09. "I'm Looking For Someone To Find Me"
10. "Our Darkness"
11. "The Sun Refused To Shine"

Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley Gears Up For New Release