Alex James Publishes Memoir + More Blur Reunion Rumors

OK, so we've been hearing about this possible Blur reunion and potential new record for far too long. For better or worse, drummer Dave Rowntree has added more fuel to the fire on this topic, telling the press that they are all getting together for a week to record and will "see what happens." Oh to be a fly on the wall during those days in the studio.

In other Blur news, bassist Alex James has published his memoir, titled Bit Of A Blur. According to BBC Radio 6, the book is out in the UK, and is filled with interesting tidbits about the ups and downs of the band's success. For example, he discusses one particular tour when things started getting a bit physical. He wrote: "I remember there was one tour when I had two black eyes - one from Dave and one from Graham. Damon wasn't speaking to me either! Giving young men what they want doesn't generally bring out the best in them. Success is almost guaranteed to mess you up more than failure."

The book is currently on sale at Amazon UK, where you can even pick up a used copy if you're looking to save a few bucks on the import price.


Alex James Publishes Memoir + More Blur Reunion Rumors