A Drink & A Quick Decision

Digital Release Date: 06.18.07

As a follow up to last years US release Kicking the National Habit, London based duo Grand National are up to the old tricks of sexy grooves, Caribbean inspired beats, and dreamy, soothing rock in their latest album A Drink & A Quick Decision. If you're already a fan of Grand National, this won't disappoint. If you aren't already a fan, who are you, and why do you hate puppies?

Grand National has this 80's, Police-esqe, British dance feel. This stems from the fact that singer Lawrence "La" Rudd was once the frontman for a Police cover band. Now it makes sense. Grand National is great at producing smooth electronic music, and they even manage to throw in some tender pieces in A Drink & A Quick Decision, like "Joker and Clown," as well as ultra calming songs like "Pack All the Things You Need" and "Weird Ideas At Work" which have gentle guitar melodies, and are vocally driven. These tunes are intermixed with the danceable "Going to Switch the Lights On," which as an electronic, ska-like feel, and "By The Time I Get Home There Won't Be Much Of A Place For Me" laden with fun island beats. It's also a perfect example of that oh-so-Sting-like sound. In a good 80's way, not the crappy Tantric Buddhism Sting of today.

A Drink & A Quick Decision is the kind of album you'd hear while enjoying cocktails in an über hip lounge. This album is suitable for all moods, whether you want to mindlessly let the beats take over you while driving, dancing around in your room, or crying in the corner. The record is eclectic in the range of Grand National, meaning they don't stray from a certain sound, which is an upbeat, modern medley of not only the Police, but Happy Mondays and a hint of New Order too; hitting all different aspects of their sound. They can liven up the party, and also take it down step.

Just enjoy the music, and don't hate on puppies.

Grand National

A Drink & A Quick Decision