Get Sophisticated With The Radiohead Ballet

The Scottish Ballet has made an interesting choice in music selection for their upcoming production, Ride The Beast. The performance will premier at the Edinburgh International Festival, featuring music from Radiohead. According to The Herald, choreographer Stephen Petronio selected the band's songs to accompany the ballet.

About his decision to use their music, Petronio said: "Radiohead's music is a brilliant investigation of achingly modern taste. They sail through genre and form effortlessly and passionately, and their music demands a physical response from me that by-passes reason. I have to live with music so intimately while creating with it, I simply have to work with music I love."

Five songs from Radiohead's career will be included in the performance, opening with "Fitter Happier." An acoustic version of "Creep," "Hunting Bears," "Idioteque" and "The National Anthem" will also be used.

If you happen to be in Scotland, Ride The Beast will be performed at the Edinburgh Playhouse from August 18 to 20. Don't forget your opera glasses!

Scottish Ballet

Get Sophisticated With The Radiohead Ballet