One In Five Isle Of Wight Tickets Were Fake

If you hit up this year's Isle Of Wight festival then you might not have made it in the event at all, even if you had a ticket. One in five of the tickets that were sold were fake, and thats caused a huge headache for festival fans and organizers, not to mention crazy delays in the admittance lines.

According to BBC, 29-year old Sherrell Davenport, from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, was charged with fraud, and will have to appear in court on June 19. Two other suspects have been released on bail. So how much did some of these tickets go for? One fan reportedly dished out £320 for one ticket that ended up being bogus. Nice one.

Moral of the story: Don't but tickets from unofficial sources. (Did we really need to tell you this?)

Isle Of Wight

One In Five Isle Of Wight Tickets Were Fake