Check Out New Music From Office

It seems like we've been talking about Chicago's Office for forever now. The band will finally be releasing their debut LP for Scratchie/New Line on September 25 called A Night At The Ritz. The record was recorded during the winter and spring of 2007 and was produced by frontman Scott Masson at his apartment and at New York's Stratosphere Sound. If you can't wait to check out the new material, listen to "Plus/Minus Fairytale" below, and peep the track-listing. Come September you better remember who told ya about them first!

"Plus/Minus Fairytale"

A Night At The Ritz
01. "Oh My"

02. "If You Don't Know By Now"

03. "The Ritz"

04. "Company Calls"

05. "Wound Up"

06. "The Big Bang Jump!"

07. "Plus/Minus Fairytale"

08. "Paralyzed Prince"

09. "Had a Visit"

10. "Q & A"

11. "Dominos"

12. "Possibilities"

13. "Suburban Purfume"

Check Out New Music From Office