Download A Free EP From Simple Kid

Here's a name that we almost forgot about. As a matter of fact, some of y'all out there might not even know him at all. Back in 2004 a British guy that went by the name Simple Kid (A.K.A. Ciaran McFeely) put out an album titled 1. The album was nominated for the Shortlist Music Prize, but after not winning he seemed to sort of fizzle out over here in the States.

Now, about three years later, Simple Kid is coming back. On a new label, Yep Rock, the artist will be releasing his second LP, appropriately titled 2 on August 7. In honor of the new release, Ciaran and Yep Rock are offering up a free downloadable EP. Download the EP by clicking here, and get re-aquainted with Simple Kid.

Free EP Tracklisting
01. "The Twentysomething"
02. "Lil' King Kong"
03. "Serotonin"

Simple Kid North American Dates
08.15.07 - New York, NY (Mo Pitkins)
08.16.07 - New York, NY (Mo Pitkins)
08.17.07 - New York, NY (Mo Pitkins)

Simple Kid

Download A Free EP From Simple Kid