With Lasers

Release Date: 06.05.07

Bonde Do Role are easily clumped in the same crunchy-late-night-debauchery pile as across-the-ponders Klaxons and fellow countrymen Cansei de Ser Sexy. While that might be the best way to describe them to someone who hasn't heard their strange party-like beats, there is a better definition out there. What it boils down to is this: Bonde Do Role is in-your-face-hipster karaoke...not that there's anything wrong with that. It is what it is.

After catching the Brazilian trio's live show in Austin during SXSW, it was obvious that these two dudes and one chick were full of energy and ready to bring their electronic/80's rap/metal/rock/techno/punk/whatever inspired music to the masses. Trading in the typical ideology of playing instruments to something more modern, DJ Gorky spins his various samples, loops and beats while Marina and Pedro bring the vocals.

On their debut LP, With Lasers, the Diplo-discovered band open up with the butt-rock meets hair metal guitar thumper "Dança Do Zumbi." On "Tieta" we find the group inspired by their local countryside with the track boasting South Sea calypso rhythms and tropical horns. "Solta O Frango" starts off with what sounds like a robot being tuned up, and flows into a rolling, chanting chorus. "Office Boy," the lead single, screams summer with its infectious melody. By the time "Gasolina" hits the speakers you find yourself sticky and sweaty from the dance storm that just descended upon you.

Where this album lacks is that it is consistently up. Never coming down for a solid thirty minutes can get a little repetitive, especially when one is left guessing what the lyrics are half the time. (OK, so that is our fault for not knowing Portuguese.) However, if you want to shake your ass and get a party started this just might be the record for you.

"Solta O Frango"


With Lasers