Editors Get Busted By The Fuzz In Germany

The UK group Editors had a little trouble with the law during their performance last night in Germany. The band held a concert in the city of Cologne, taking stage in the Kulturkiche venue. Apparently, the lads had their amps turned up to eleven, and the locals in the surrounding neighborhood were getting a bit pissy.

Bassist Russell Leetch spoke with NME, saying: "The venue was an old church over the road from a load of houses and, during our set, they called the police to complain about the noise. The first we knew about it was when the police turned up just as we were starting our encore and told our tour manager to stop the set."

The band's tour manager could only stall the coppers long enough for one more song, so they had to cut their encore short. Leetch added: "We owe Cologne a song and we promise to make it up to them next time as long as they don't set the law on us again!"

Editors' sophomore album, An End Has A Start, hits stores in the US on July 17 on FADER Label/Epic.


Editors Get Busted By The Fuzz In Germany