Get Your Karaoke On With Art Brut

Art Brut's new album, It's A Bit Complicated, comes out this Tuesday, June 19. While the album might be complicated, we just got word on something that isn't: Art Brut Karaoke! Yes, you read that right.

If you live in New York City, Los Angeles, Austin or San Francisco, put on your best lookin' tight pants and head over to The Beauty Bar the night before the release (June 18). The events are free and start at 9pm. There will also be plenty of prizes for band member look-alikes. Want a leg up? Watch the clip below and practice your best Eddie Argos impression.

06.18.07 - NYC, LA, Austin, San Francisco - Art Brut Karaoke Party (Beauty Bar)

"Direct Hit" Live in NYC, April 17:

Art Brut

Get Your Karaoke On With Art Brut