The Tripwire Podcast 028

00:00:02    OFFICE "The Ritz" (Scratchie/New Line)

00:03:44    Portugal. The Man "Sugar Cinnamon" (Fearless)

00:06:44    Watchers "Mercenary Birds" (Gern Blandsten)

00:09:29    Spudwinkles "Switches" (unsigned)

00:12:28    The Blakes "Don't Bother Me" (A Light In The Attic)

00:15:11    Arks "Cars On Fire" (HighWheel)

00:18:15    Blood Red Shoes "It's Getting Boring By The Sea" (V2)

00:21:06    break one

00:28:58    The The "Mrs Mac" (Lazarus)

00:31:23    David Ford "Go To Hell" (Independiente)

00:34:47    House + Parish "Summer Programme" (unsigned)

00:40:06    Bear Hands "Long Lean Queen" (unsigned)

00:43:25    Airiel "Thinktank" (HighWheel)

00:47:36    Kal-els Cape "Big Blue Moon" (unsigned)

00:52:01    Schooner "There's Enough To Do" (54º 40' Or Fight!)

00:54:19    Warm In The Wake "Airport Girl" (LiveWire)

00:58:07    Romantica "Drink The Night Away" (2024)

01:02:49    Wheat "Little White Dove" (Empyrean)

01:06:24    break two

01:11:22    The Lodger "Getting Special" (Angular/Slumberland)

01:14:41    We Are Standard "On The Floor" (Minty Fresh)

01:18:39    Reception Is Suspected "Boy With A Voice That Could Destroy The World" (Apocalypse The Apocalypse)

01:21:26    Liars "It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles remix)" (Mute)

01:26:32    MIA "Boyz" (XL Recordings/Interscope)

01:29:46    Justice "D.A.N.C.E." (Ed Banger/VICE)

01:33:41    break three

01:38:08    Tim Armstrong "Wake Up" (Hellcat)

01:41:05    The Bees "Left Foot Stepdown" (Virgin UK/Astralwerks)

01:45:05    The Pietasters "Dream Of You" (Indication)


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The Tripwire Podcast 028