Feeling Selfish? Appear In The New Travis Video

Have you experienced anybody acting selfish lately? Have you done such a thing yourself? Did you happen to catch it on film? If so, Travis wants to hear from you. The Scottish group recently released their latest album, The Boy With No Name, and are working on what must be the video for the track "Selfish Jean."

Frontman Fran Healy posted the announcement on the band's MySpace page, where he said: "Hello all, this is your friendly neighbourhood Fran writing from a log cabin in Bergen. I would like to ask you all for a favour. If you would be so kind, please would you film or photograph or write about a random act of selfishness you have witnessed or have even committed yourself and post it to selfishjean1@gmail.com. It will all make sense in a week or so. We need as many filmed acts of selfishness as poss. Pics too. Trust us. Report or confess."

Here are the rules for submitting your selfishness:

Films should be no longer than 15 seconds give or take a few seconds.
Photographs should be smallish say up to 300k
A written statement shouldn't be over 100 words
No real names will be used
The best of these will be displayed in an exciting way in the near future.


Feeling Selfish? Appear In The New Travis Video