Moby Mute Mania

Now that the V2 Records in North America is no more, Moby has opted to release albums here in the States via Mute Records. He was already on Mute throughout the rest of the planet, so we can't say this was much of a shock.

The bald vegan seems quite pleased with these developments, saying: "I've been on Mute everywhere in the world except for North America for the last 14 years, now I'm finally on Mute for North America. I'm happy, because Mute has been my favorite label for most of the last 25 years, and it's nice to finally be on Mute in the country where I actually live."

The Mobester is currently in the studio working on his new album, which has no tentative title or release date as of yet. For fans in Italy, you'll be able to catch him live... well... DJing in July. The dates are listed below.

07.27.07 - Naples, Italy (Powerstock Festival)
07.28.07 - Jesolo, Italy (Il Muretto)
07.29.07 - Milan, Italy (Amnesia)


Moby Mute Mania