Video - Von Sudenfed "Fledermaus Can't Get It"

Caught up like a Marlin struggling to survive amongst a fresh net of record catches this week is Tromatic Reflexxions, an exalted collaboration that The Tripwire deems mandatory listening for any dance floor combatant. If your body's sole desire is to twist and shout, bend and groove, freak the funk out of your drunk crunk trunk, then goddamnit we command you to pick up the new joint from Von Südenfed and spark that shit to death. The hallucinatory delivery of Mark E. Smith is not only legendary but also pleasantly loathsome, as he smears his pugnacious harangue over barbarous beats macadamized by Mouse On Mars.

I was lucky enough to get my jittery hands on this riveting band's debut in May, and here is what I thought then, about this wicked upchuck of electronic grandeur which Domino says you can that finally cop NOW!

Yes, and to help shove your blubber bum in the right direction, we'll even toss in this toss off video for "Fledermaus Can't Get It," featuring a hermaphroditic set of confused and abused lads, resembling the grisly stunt doubles from the movie Spaceballs. Back off bitches, I call dibs on the bearded chick.


Video - Von Sudenfed "Fledermaus Can't Get It"