FAC51-Y3 = Hacienda Sneakers

OK fans of all things Factory Records. In one of the craziest collaborations ever for a pair of sneakers, the brand Y-3 teamed up with Peter Saville (Factory Records designer), Ben Kelly (the Hacienda's interior architect) and Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order bassist) to design a pair of shoes, simply called The Hacienda. Hell, they were even issued their own Factory Records number.

According to Josh Spear, the sneakers designed in honor of the Manchester nightclub will come in a six-sided box, which is the same shape was the legendary dance floor at The Hacienda. Inside the box will contain four sheets of tissue paper, two featuring photography by Kevin Cummin, one showing designer Ben Kelley's original sketches, and one showing they current state of the space.

These little bad boys are definitely limited edition, with only 250 pairs being made, running at $700 a pop! At a price like that, at least they do come with a DVD documenting the history of The Hacienda. Would anybody like to buy your devoted Tripwire staff a pair of these kicks? C'mon... those caution tape shoelaces are pretty rad.


FAC51-Y3 = Hacienda Sneakers