Help Out McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Back when we were in school and had a ton of time to kill we would occasionally read the short stories and quips on Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Recently a friend of ours pointed out that the little publisher that could is going through some hard times. On December 29 their distributor filed for bankruptcy and McSweeney's lost about $130,000.

As a result they now are holding a special sale and auction on eBay to help raise funds. Some of the items up for grabs include a personal tour of The Daily Show, original artwork from Chris Ware, Marcel Dzama, David Byrne, and Tony Millionaire; a limited-edition music mix from Nick Hornby; rare early issues of the quarterly, direct from Sean Wilsey's closet; and more. Rumor has it there is even a Dave Eggers's painting of George W. Bush as a double amputee, from the cover of Issue 14.

Oh and if you have some free time today, check out some of their recent online stories. We are partial to Thomas The NJ Transit Train by Marco Kaye.

eBay Auction

Help Out McSweeney's Internet Tendency