Anchorman & Talladega Nights Creators Challenge YouTube with Funny Or Die

In an effort to combat the disgusting outlet for worldwide idiots with video cameras and loads of free time whose desire to be recognized as the dumb fuck who can eat a three-pound burger in seven seconds on YouTube, comedian Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay, co-writers and creators of Anchorman and Talladega Nights, have launched a website called This exciting new platform hopes to be a new virtual playground for dedicated sketch comedians and passionate filmmakers.

Funny Or Die viewers can rate and upload videos with the same almighty fingers that possess the critical power to eliminate unwelcome shots of raccoons playing hopscotch or gothic teenagers cutting themselves while trying to wrap their purple head around the new Marilyn Manson album, with a simple click of the "die" button. Note to self: keep that button away from Bush!

FOD is already brimming with loads of comedy keepers from The Office's Ed Helms, The Riches' Todd Stashwick, Patton Oswalt, Human Giant and many other jokesters. With McKay, Ferrell, and a cheeky bunch of quipsters posting frequent blogs, endorsing favorites, and successfully promoting the next crop of captured funny, the lords of FOD-ville add the content credibility that is painfully lacking on YouTube and similar sites, while remaining faithful to the integrity of their new portal of comedy, and diligently working to enhance and inflate this seminal showcase for rising comedic talent.

McKay, a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and former head writer of SNL, made a slew of digital shorts during his tenure at the late night program, whose mini movies have become a vital benchmark of the legendary variety show, thanks to the immense impact of "Lazy Sunday" dork Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island writing crew (Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone), the primary wearers of SNL shorts.

McKay's new short is called "The Landlord" and features a beer swilling, foul mouthed, 2-year-old demanding that box office superstar Ferrell come with the rent or get the hell out. The effortless snap of hilarity has already received 35 million hits. In case you missed it the first time, check it.

The Landlord

Funny Or Die

Anchorman & Talladega Nights Creators Challenge YouTube with Funny Or Die