New Underworld Out In October

Legendary dance-electro group Underworld are returning with a brand spankin' new album, Oblivion With Bells, this coming October. The proper follow-up to A Hundred Days Off has been pieced together on Rick and Karl's laptops, in a few home studios and even at the one and only Abbey Road Studios. The album was completed this spring and should be in stores before Halloween. Hopefully more details will pop up soon, such as an exact release date, label information, track listing, etc. We do have the album cover to show you, which is posted below.

As a longtime fan of Underworld, I'm quite interested to hear what the lads have come up with this time. For dance lovers in Los Angeles, Denver and NYC, you'll get a chance to preview some of the new material, along with plenty of classics, during their very brief North American tour. Take it from somebody who has seen them before... you won't want to miss this.

09.09.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Bowl)
09.11.07 - Denver, CO (Red Rocks)
09.14.07 - New York, NY (Central Park Summerstage)


New Underworld Out In October